RC is a resonant capacitor. Hey Stephen The primary coil of a ignition coil could have too many windings compared to the few you could wind yourself on a flyback transformer. I reduced ohm resistor to give mosfet more drive. Everything else it the same as your schematic. You are still going to need an R-C snubber across the transformer winding to reduce the voltage spike caused by transformer leakage inductance.

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Picture Entire driver assembled in case. It is currently set to run between kHz, which should be a large enough range to sweep through any harmonics a flyback may have. Hey ebenvios Would you like to tell me what to describe in more flybback

flybacktransformer – uzzors2k

March 13, at Is it suitable for the purpose? Like I said before mosfeet help would be greatly appreciated! February 10, at Hy, I applied some of yours tips: Media New media New comments Search media. Lower duty cycle on the will not provide that, infact the opposit. This is what my multimeter says.

why 555 based flyback drivers explode 555 ICs

The primary coil of a ignition coil could have too many windings compared to the few you could wind yourself on a flyback transformer. Also try adjusting your POTS until you get the best output, in my case I had to to put the fllyback close to each other to start the arc and then draw it out after. The MOSFET used there is IRF, but currents beyond A force it to heat up, and 10A with Watts on secondary even more heatsink is ready to boil water Some answers here and some sources on the web and this circuit recommend using logic level mosfets.


Can I use two 10k pots instead as I can not find any places to get 9k pots close to where I live and ordering online could be expensive for just one 9k pot.

This is such a useful and effective protection system that I would fit a zener in most cases – but certainly would if there was any chance at all of there being an unprotected inductive load element present. Connect the ground to the clamp that holds the cores together — do not wind a short-circuit in a closed loop full turn!

I tryend adding the resonant capacitor. April 9, at It was so fun to build and play around with that I actually used a very similar circuit as my senior project this year for highschool! March 24, at Saattvik December 24, at Post as a guest Name. At the moment the MOSFET switches off, the drain voltage initially spikes high because of the leakage inductance of the transformer, but then it settles down to a voltage that’s proportional to the secondary voltage by the turns ratio of the transformer.


My timer chips seem to get fried quite easily. By the way i do not understand the ohms resistor and Uf purpose on the gate.

Flyback driver #2: NE quasi-resonant – BOGIN, JR.

I have 1 question though. Comment Name Email Website.

But I lost my mosfet 5. Adam Mizban December 24, at How do I connect more than 12v?

October 13, at As Jony noted, adding a normal diode will kill the output voltage of the flyback. Actually did not understand how you connected the GND? Do I need some other enhancements for this circuit? March 15, at