However the 3GB deal would appear reasonable when we keep the price tag of the Acer G in mind. The 3GB is sufficient for most of the computing needs which can later be upgraded to 4GB. Acer Aspire Dissected. Contrast is relatively poor, but maximum brightness is decent. The graphics solution also features a 2nd generation Unified Video Decoder that supports full bitstream decoding of H. It belongs to the Caspian generation of processors and supports HyperTransport 3. Would it be outlandish to use the Mobility at the very least instead of throwing out the same MHz 40SP solutions?

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The lower battery backup can be attributed to the modestly big DDR3 which is coupled to the graphics processor. But I would say that the GB that comes with the Acer G is generous for most of your storage needs. With the screen brightness at low, I was able to obtain a 2 hours 50 minutes backup with no audio, video or games turned on.

In this section, we will look in detail at the key components that makes up this laptop. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Acer Aspire Overview If the Aspire seems familiar, the chassis is the same as the Aspire G we reviewed a couple months back.

The Turion is AMDs answer to mobile processors, which provides excellent performance while keeping the power consumption at the minimum. The Acer G handles heat well.

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Acer Aspire Specifications. From the moment I read the specification sheet, I have been very thrilled to get the machine in my hands. The backpack has adequate space to carry some extra stuff in it while you are on the move. It does come with four USB ports, and the target market likely won’t notice or miss the other features.


Acer Aspire G32Bn – External Reviews

I’m not quite as negative on the keyboard, if only because the layout suits me, but it’s certainly not as nice to type on as a ThinkPad or good chiclet design. The laptop model I purchased comes loaded with Linpus linux operating system command prompt only and eliminates the Windows dependency, which helps the Acer G keep its price down. The audio volume levels were loud enough and will be adequate if you are not in the middle of a very noisy environment. It has a high-def response time of 8ms.

I highly recommend it for all gaming enthusiasts and graphics designers, owing to the excellent performance of the processor and the graphics solution built-in. The fan steps into high speed the instant things start getting hot.

Windows 7 runs fine, typical applications and multimedia tasks aren’t an issue, and sapire is good.

What it can’t handle in the majority of titles is gaming at native res; x is usually playable at minimum detail, but it looks lousy at best.

The Acer G has adequate ventilation at the bottom and has a vent at the back, that blows the hot air out. The Acer G comes with a Like most inexpensive laptops, you get what you pay for. I found the heat near the palm rest regions less compared to some other Intel based competing laptop models.


You can certainly use it, though, and for the price we’re not expecting a rigid keyboard with no flex and LED backlighting.

The keys are flat and closely spaced, and even if the keys are actually full size we’d prefer slightly smaller with larger gaps between the keys.

However the 3GB deal graphiccs appear reasonable when we keep the price tag of the Acer G in mind. Acer G is a laptop that brings great value to those on a budget, who need excellent processing and graphics performance. PLEASE stop using the unless you’re going to offer an automatically switchable and far superior discrete option.

The internals and features are quite different, though, so let’s run down the list of detailed specs on the Inside things are a bit more tame, with matte gray plastic on the palm rest and black on the keyboard and top panel. The touchpad is centered below the space bar, and there’s a full number keypad on sspire right.

As rendering resolution increases, the more memory it needs.

Acer Aspire 5542

It all depends on your needs. We will see how it scores in real performance when we benchmark it down the road. The sound clearly lacks the thump element in it.