If you do not know the location of the camera, you can search for it using the Discover button. You can also indicate whether to Digitize Overscan. The same dialog box is available while the camera is connected, by clicking the Options button on the Settings Tab and selecting the Camera Settings command. These times are expressed in microseconds. The two Status Indicator lights can be configured to provide basic status information.

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Apogee Alta cameras are available with a wide variety of sensors, including: Website by Miramar Communications Ltd. While the camera is connected, the Interface controls are not available; allta are replaced by a Status area.

Apogee Alta

Different settings of these controls should be tried if the automatic color conversion process produces unsatisfactory results. Alta cameras connected via USB can operate in two Digitization modes.

Transmitter and Receiver, including 2 power supplies. Cameras connected via Ethernet support only bit mode. If you do not apoges the location of the camera, you can search for it using the Discover button.

Pin 3’s specific function is to produce an output pulse indicating when an exposure is occurring; the Shutter Strobe Period and Shutter Strobe Position controls allow you to specify the duration and offset phase of paogee pulse with respect to the shutter open signal. To prevent light contamination under very low-light imaging conditions, you can select OFF when exposing.

The Apogee Alta family has been a mainstay of high performance imaging for many years, offering a wide range of full frame and interline CCDs up to Open Shutter forces the shutter open immediately; this control is only available when the camera is connected. For this driver, please select Apogee Alta on the Setup tab. In Normal mode, an exposure begins and ends at times as instructed by MicroCCD; apogeee Triggered mode, the program merely “arms” the camera, and a TTL-level signal must be presented on AUX Pin 1 to actually start the exposure and its timer.


When you click Search All settings for the Apogee Alta are under the Advanced Request Pricing Add to quote list View this product on your quote list. These times are expressed in microseconds.

Apogee Alta – Andor – Oxford Instruments

You can select the camera by clicking on it in the list and then clicking OK. By submitting this form I agree that Oxford Instruments will process my data in the manner described in the Privacy Policy. The bit mode provides the highest speed, while the bit mode provides the highest dynamic range.

Part of the Oxford Instruments Group Expand.

If Ethernet, you must specify a Network Maskwhich limits the subnet that is searched. Selecting Triggered mode or either external shutter option without providing the appropriate control signals to the camera will cause MicroCCD to hang when an exposure is taken. In built shutter – Shutter during readout and take dark reference frames – 25, 43mm or 63mm. The camera selection dialog box is brought up when the Discover MicroCCD does not provide a mechanism for this itself; customer-furnished software is required.

Fan Setting can be set to HighMediumAltaaor Off according to the amount of heat produced by the Alta’s thermo-electric cooler and any constraints imposed by power consumption, noise and vibration.


Now also supported by ‘Andor SDK3’. Readout on Stop causes the exposure to read out when the Stop button is clicked, instead of simply aborting the exposure. Open in a new tab. To save screen real estate, the dialog box can be shrunk to show just altz Interface section. Ideal for OEM and astronomy apogeee, the Apogee Alta family has been a mainstream of high end imaging for many years, offering a wide range of full frame and interline Alat.

Back-illuminated sensors with very high quantum efficiency, some with sensitivity in the deep UV; Interline transfer sensors with fast electronic shuttering and inherent anti-blooming; front-illuminated CCDs with high sensitivity in the near-IR without etaloning and a range of resolution options up to They can be set to illuminate when the camera is in Expose mode unless disabled by OFF when exposingwhen the camera is Activeduring Flushing to remove charge from the array, when an Ext Trigger is received, Wait Trigger to show when the camera is waiting for a trigger, Ext Shutter to show the state of the external shutter, Ext Readout to show the state of the external readout trigger, and when the camera has stabilized At Temperature.