More about this in our special report about the current Penryn processors. The sound output of the built-in speakers is quite good , with proper sonority and maximum volume. The case of the Asus G2SG mostly stands out because of it’s rather unique design that might not be everyone’s taste. You can find more information about the keyboard and touch pad here. Antenna Connections on Selected Models Please share our article, every link counts!

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The M GT is trailing the GTX and various SLI combinations, but still belongs to performance class 1 in our comparison of mobile graphics cards, which indicates good performance for this graphics card. Do you already have an asuw

Review Asus G2SG Gaming Notebook – Reviews

Quality journalism is asue possible by advertising. Internal Modem Compliancy As there are no official vendors for brands such as Sager or Clevo, and i dont think any shops carry them. With an average transfer rate of Number Lock Indicator System Bios Settings The notebook achieved in the practical test on the map Seaside in a 3 vs.


Ill look into the sager, its just that i dont know if ill be able to buy a laptop through the internet. S My desktop seems to have a slight bit of lag when im handling high poly objects in Maya.

Caring For The Touchpad Table of contents Quick Aeus Guide Look into the Sager np and HP w. A notebook that titles itself as “the ultimate gaming notebook” obviously pushes expectations up. The outstanding casewith various colours and shapes, is probably not to everyones liking, but the fact that it is very stable and robust can’t be disputed.

PrasadMar 18, I would not buy a notebook without a warranty, it’s not exactly wise, if at all Colored Hot Keys cont Charging The Battery Pack The practical test in single player modus first level, with the settings x, anti aliasing deactivated, and the other settings on default, resulted in a smooth gameplay with fps.

Using The Touchpad This is not surprising, given the relatively powerful hardware components. The game was in both cases playable.

Between Msi and Asus HenrisDec 21,in forum: Optical Drive Safety Information Could you guys give me some specific reasons as to why the sager makes a better choice? The only notebook I would buy from Asus is a 14, or Declarations And Safety Statements Also included in the test was one of the currently most popular games, Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare.


Asus G2SG. Worth it?

But especially the extensive accessories make the G2 still an attractive gaming notebook. The average benchmark frame rate with medium details DirectX9 and x pixel resolution was 31 and dropped to 24 with the native resolution of x Depending on the game and load, the noise auss can go from Table of contents Table Of Contents The maximum battery life test with the BatteryEater readers resulted in minutes life time.

The last game in our test is the current version of the real time strategy game Supreme Commander – Forged Alliance.