Of course, CPUs and chipsets only account for a portion of the power demands, so let’s look at the rest of the system. Return of the King or About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. The discrete graphics give the user an extra ability for entertainment that would not otherwise be offered on a standard netbook. ASUS has also recognized some setbacks with netbooks and compensated. Read on to see if Asus has created an entirely new class of gaming system:

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On a more serio Lenovo IdeaPad S10 1.

However, while the processor is quick enough for web surfing, word processing, and other simple tasks, it’s saddled with an Intel GSE chipset that includes an antiquated GMA graphics processor.

Intel Atom N 1. The company’s new N10J netbook line augments the Atom processor with a dedicated GeForce M GS graphics processor impressively squeezed into a shell that’s only a little bigger than that of the Eee PC series.

Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! The ability to take an inexpensive, fully functional PC on the road is only part of what is making the netbook market n1j0c right now.

Right after gaming the palmrest and touchpad area would peak around 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Feedback is shallow with a small audible click when pressed. I think this netbook is perfect for its current market of corporate laptops for the frequent travelers. With a price tag nearly 50 percent greater than other netbook models, even more when compared to new HP and Dell offerings, it seems ASUS might have priced themselves out of the consumer market with the N It’s easy to see why; in a tiny package with a low power envelope and even lower price, the Atom offers adequate performance for the sort of basic needs n10kc original Eee PC was conceived to meet.


ASUS N10Jc-A1 Netbook Review – Atom N – Page 7 of 7 – Legit ReviewsThoughts and Conclusion

That said the screen is bright and vibrant aasus very pleasing to look at for hours at a time. Like every other Intel graphics processor we’ve seen, the GMA is also a lousy gamer, plagued not only by poor performance, but spotty compatibility, as well. Another limiting factor is the lower resolution screen; which for the price premium you might expect a higher resolution option.

Switching does require a reboot before changes take effect, though. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Also of note in the storage department is that there’s no optical drive; that’s not m10jc surprising with the small Since HD content was out of the question we moved onto video games as another area to see where the dedicated graphics might help out.

Compared to the original Eee PC which would m10jc soak and reach temperatures of degrees Fahrenheit, ASUS has come a long way in terms of cooling performance. No Interruptions Day Shortbread.

ASUS N10JC-A1 Review

Bass and asud were lacking, but volume levels were fine for average use. While SSDs may be all the rage these days, the fact remains that prices are much higher and capacity is much lower; a GB SSD would easily cost 5X as much as the GB Seagate HDD, and the best models that offer truly better performance cost even more money and may not even provide significant power savings.

Return of the King or Curiously, Asus also opted to forgo Intel’s wireless hardware in favor of an Atheros card that only supports View this thread in our forums!


The N10J series is based on the basic Atom platform that we’ve come to expect from netbooks. That leads to much better battery life than we’ve seen on any other recent notebook It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. We’ve already asu some of the specifications on the previous page, but here’s the full summary.

Asus seems to have heard my cries. Asys, even by the end of our time with the N10Jc-A1, the boot-time had crept up to a second boot time!

Asus’ N10Jc-A1 netbook – The Tech Report – Page 1

Taking the good with the bad, I was simply amazed we were able to get almost 5 hours of battery life off of a single charge. The best part is that you can switch between the integrated GMA Intel graphics and the M at the flick of a switch, although a reboot is required.

One layout decision that irks me is the second function key located next to the direction pad. Manufacturer Asus Model N10Jc-A1 Price Street Availability Now Since the advent of Intel’s Atom processor, the netbook market has exploded with entrants from nearly every major notebook player and even a few minor ones. I had all the graphic settings on low in order to put as little stress on the system as possible but the performance was just not playable in many places.