If you press the error message, the following menu appears: The number of analogue channels assigned depends on the equipment standard of the test cabinet. You can select different profile types using , and. You can only enter the date and time at which the test is to restart in the Start options menu. NOTE Test programs which have one of the program points to cannot be modified or deleted. An entry menu then appears.

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Be sure to remove all cleanser residue afterwards. They are not inflammable, nor are they harmful to humans. To tv7100 the halogen bulb, remove the test space ceiling. Cheap quality in my eyes B Digital outputs A: The control unit displays a fault message. The door can be equipped with a large window1. There are 20 settings.

Originally posted by Koepi As usual you should read up other threads first and use the search button – your problem could be dealt with in this thread: The front panel power led then flashes on and off slowly and the pc will not power back up. I can’t answer that, try an Antec or Enermax, if they have problems too, then something is real strange.


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The menu for the start value also appears if you press one of the symbols for jump or ramp. The following characteristics apply for data transmission from the controller to the PC: So, a 1 at the very left in the bit pattern means that error no.

NOTE The jump is based on a time constant, i. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Counter You can check the number of operating hours of asjs test cabinet at this point. By posting to this forum you agree to abide by the rules. Consumption under normal conditions will generally be approx.

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Trubarjeva 5 SI – Sentjernej Tel: Pull the mains plug prior to installing the connecting cables. Variablespeed test space fan1. Set the parameters according to your requirements. Ensure that the site is well ventilated. Jun 27, Messages: If the value exceeds or falls below the nominal value, a message appears on the control section.


Digital inputs There are several digital inputs which may be used depending on the system.

front panel connectors and acer woes ….

NOTE The limit for the maximum value must be approx. Vh7100 the potential-free contact is used, ensure it is compatible with the onsite measuring system. Alright, I tried that. Should you decide on a different installation, be sure to use temperature and pressure-proof hoses or pipe connections.

This interface protocol applies fromr M!

ASUS V7100/T GeForce2 MX

Pour demineralized water into the feed opening, using e. If this is the first time you are using the test cabinet, you should first gain an overview of the unit: Contact our service organisation. This enables you to determine the way in which values can be changed — using the control panel or a PC.