Since its incorporation in , Open Broadcaster Inc. Routing Control Panels Fingertip routing control, just where you need it. We offer open-source broadcasting solutions to individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses and communities that allow them to distribute media over the air and via the Internet in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Here are some resources to help answer your questions about the history and specifics of Livewire, AES67, and more. There were many hurdles, such as latency, lost packets, and prioritizing audio over other traffic on the network. Axia Audio, a brand of The Telos Alliance. The concept caught on, and before long, other manufacturers were making their own AoIP broadcast equipment.

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Axia iProbe IP-Audio Lievwire Management Software An intelligent network maintenance and diagnostics suite that consolidates managing, updating, remotely-controlling and auto-documenting your Axia system into one easy-to-use software application.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Open Source software assists community media and commercial broadcasters with accessible tools to spread their message on-air and on-line.

Livewire (networking) – Wikipedia

Universal Studios Orlando Show More. The concept caught on, and before long, other manufacturers were making their own AoIP broadcast equipment. Continuing the Gold Standard. Audio over IP AoIP has become the standard for broadcast facilities, allowing broadcast plants to be more powerful, less expensive to buy and maintain, and faster to build. The theory was put into practice, and workable products were developed.


Listen instantly to any network audio source, right on your computer desktop. Telos Infinity is a new AoIP solution that delivers a quantum leap in scalability, ease of integration, efficiency and total cost of ownership. SoftSurface If you’ve ever wanted to give talent remote control of your mixing console — or even construct a “virtual console” that controls a mixing engine with no physical surface — Axia SoftSurface is what you’re after.

Retrieved 30 July In essence, compatibility is like two different people sharing one body: Retrieved 29 July Last two address octets pertain to Axia channel ID, e. The new public Ver 5x series source code, documentation and installation instructions are available on Github for all to use. Axia Audio Networked Radio Consoles.

This innovation builds on the suite of web-enabled general software and automation appliances with online media libraries, community play lists, multi-station scheduling and streaming.

The only broadcast intercom system that connects directly to Livewire AoIP networks. Installation and maintenance was time consuming and expensive. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

Studer Showed Axia Livewire AoIP Card Development at NAB |

Available in sizes qxia 8 to 24 faders – perfect for large or small studios. We did what no one had ever done before—create professional radio gear that networks using standard Ethernet, for use in digital audio routing, mixing, and distribution systems for Broadcast and other Pro Audio applications. We aim to strengthen links between communities and cultures globally licewire supporting and facilitating the formation of broadcaster networks that are capable of pooling resources, jointly managing media, and sharing stories.


Devices connect together using standard Ethernet cables; audio and control routing is accomplished with off-the-shelf Ethernet switches. Here, the microphones, speakers, and codecs are interconnected using AES67 instead of Livewire. These are transmitted from source devices to the network.

Capture up to 24 simultaneous channels of Livewire stereo audio — without sound cards! The outgoing digital stream from the console station is ingested into our lovewire, sent to an Icecast server where a BARIX unit at the transmitter site plays out on radio. The standard considers pivewire performance of 10 milliseconds or less. Even on a single link, traffic can be mixed because we use modern Ethernet’s priority mechanism to be sure audio packets have first call on the link’s bandwidth.

Axia Introduces New Livewire+ AES67 IP-Audio Driver

Open Broadcaster’s mission is to develop and provide products and services for broadcasters of any size, working in analog or livedire environments. Its primary purpose is routing and distributing broadcast-quality audio in radio stations.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What’s the Deal with AES67? Since its incorporation inOpen Broadcaster Inc. Axia Audio Networked Radio Consoles.