F The side A sensor, side B sensor, or C sensor does not detect the signal plate within 10 sec after the operation to lock the transfer drum has started. Keep wrapped, and protect against moisture. If images read by the scanner unit is to be sent to an external device, the color conversion block sends them in the form of RGB data. Potential measured during initial rotation. Guide to the Reference Table The counter on the Counter Check screen is incremented under all conditions; i. The original scanner home position signal SCHP is not generated within 10 sec after the power switch has been turned on or the Copy Start key has been pressed.

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Be sure to turn off and then on the power switch. However, some may find it unpleasant. Is the mechanism used to lock the developing assembly to the photosensitive drum normal? Figure [13] [14] 10 Remove the E-ring [13] at the rear, and shift the bushing [14]. Further, is the coating thick enough? The copier may be adapted to IEL-L2 Use it to adjust the internal static eliminating bias the site of installation when copying on the 2nd side of a double-sided temperature, humidity by copy using thin paper.


Using the Item 1 Select the item to highlight.

Setting the Grid Bias and 1. When mounting the separation roller [1] to the pickup assembly, be sure that the round marking [2] is at the cc as shown. Remove the toner concentration sensor from inside the developing assembly.

Canon 1461A001 Developer, CLC 1100, 1110, 1120, 1150, 1180 – Cyan Genuine

Figurea 11 Move the thumbs in axial direction, lightly pressing against the linking plate so that the double-sided tape will be ccl in contact. Check the shaft of the transfer drum for play. Page – G. Keep in mind that copies made in normal mode will be black if you forget to turn off and then on the power switch.

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This item is designed to prevent blocking of toner supplied to empty hoppers at high speed, as occurring at time of installation or hopper unit replacement.

The input signal from the lead cam position sensor PI20 remains unchanged for msec. Remove cclc traces of adhesive from the transfer drum ring. Fogging The white background pirnt the white area of the original Test Sheet is not foggy. M9 reverse rotation signal 1: The transfer drum, on the other hand, will rotate in reverse when it is off the frame. Be sure NOT to let the clip come into contact with the sensor cover.


Canon CLC 1120 Service Manual

If yes, the part is normal. Page – B. Check Items for the Developing Assembly 1. Whenever ordering parts, consult this Parts Catalog for all of the information pertaining to each item. Page Page Page – B. Check to make sure that all attachments are available. The copier’s fixing heater has a specific orientation front, rear ; be sure to mount it so that the black lead line is at the rear. Remove unit, and clean, everyRemove unit, and clean.

Is the rated AC power present? Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Figure 5 Remove the resin E-ring [7], and remove the pickup roller [8].

For steps 12 through 14, be sure to advise the user that the copier’s productivity will decrease. Be sure to include, in the Parts Request, the full item description, the item part number, and the quantity. When the compartment is set in the Deck open deck, ‘1’.