Debbie Mon, 26 Mar I have probably taken thousands of snapshots with these VGA cameras and they have probably saved me thousands of dollars in processing. I just bought this camera for my daughter for her Bday. The PhoTags express progam that comes with the digital cameras is not very good, and you really don’t need it. I was way wrong!

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Cameras by Aloysius Low Dec 6, I e-mailed the company at: I’m having problems with the video’s being fuzzy when I download them to my pc.

Jennifer Sat, 19 May This camera is not worth the pieces it took to manufacture it. For those of you that are having problems with concrpts quality, try a different camera program on your computer. For forty dollars you can’t really buy a digital camera that can produce the images of an older 35mm film camera.

Why don’t you act like you know something about life- yeah, and 75397 back to me in about 20 years.

I just bought this camera for my daughter for her Bday. I located the drivers, accessories, and manuals for the very camera I purchased at Wal-Mart. We got it at walmart but we had lost the reciept-that was my fault- but nonetheless this cam sucks major ss.


Sakar Digital Concepts Digital Camera Batteries

Camera is never detected by the computer. I bought the camera and it also did not come with the software the instruction book talked about. My hope was that buy this day and agetechnology would have advanced enough to do that.

Further, that is what consumer protection is all about. So far the camera has performed well enough though I suggest going for the 5. I have some good pics that I don’t want to lose on there, and I had hoped to get my pics downloaded tonight.

Caitlin Fri, 12 Jan Ronnie Firday Thu, 26 Apr So, with no driver and no software, it doesn’t 7579 if you can read directions or not, it clearly came without all that is required for the camera to operate. Jessie Wed, 05 Nov It’s not worth anything! Debbie Fri, 15 Jun I like this camera it works great to take pics of my horses.

Hi would like to know as I can recoup the photos that I tried to pass I stop the computer ocncepts had been extinguished and camera was without cartao of memory. Thanks for the post that saved me from one upest girlfriend!



I bought one of those cameras and its a piece of junk. I’ll use it as a webcam when I set up a computer at a convention – it will NOT likely get stolen because it’s useless as a camera. Built-in flash Flash Modes: I also tryed to connect the camera with the crd in it, and it never recognised the camera, or the card. Software conepts not install right. Anyway, just so everyone is aware this camera is trending for approximately 63, credits and shipping is not included.

device driver for Sakar Digital Concepts Camera

My daughter got one for christmas and it’s the same story. Sun, 08 Jun It uses 2 “AAA” batteries. I am on a limited budget and if it weren’t for these snapshot cameras I would have had no pictures whatsoever of my cat, kitten, dog, etc.