The last I heard their pricing beat Garmin for a whole data package. So if you’re VFR and its with in 5 years or so, no worries. Yes, my password is: Avionics Training Garmin Avionics. See our privacy policy for more information.

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Now the new question, Is it worth the hassle and added cost to get the Jeppesen database over the Garmin?

Post by John Doe Wow, what a scam. Apparently Jepp now has highly competitive pricing compared to flygarmin. Features This card does NOT come preloaded with current data, you must use your existing NavData subscription to program it.

Feb 29, Messages: Delivery Method Shippable Product. I ended up going with Jepp after talking with both companies and ending up just as skybouund with Garmin and crystal clear with Jepp.

Get answers for questions about our Jeppesen Distribution Manager. Post by abripl Looks like the same prices to me, I just checked again.


Feb 23, Messages: Can the Garmin Card Programmer download onto the latest orange 16mb navdata card?

From what I’ve read the Jeppesen is a great navigation tool and currently they are running a special if I get the full U. I don’t know which one is which.

Product Information | Skybound G2 USB Adapter – JeppDirect

Seems like a lot of hassle when I can get the full package from one vendor with one adapter. Apr 18, Messages: The update will begin loading onto the GPS once you turn on the If you need to purchase more than one of the same coverages, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Post by abripl Post by John Doe Wow, what a scam.

JamesMay 19, Avionics Training Garmin Avionics. First thing on my mind though is garmib database in my GNSW. Download the Jeppesen Catalog. Get help from a live consultant. So don’t bother with terrian, MTs don’t move and towers are nearly well marked enough to be of real use.

• BT – Skybound II or the Garmin USB Aviation data card programmer?

Enter your e-mail to sign up for news, product updates and specials! As a side note, Garminn have added my aircraft with equipment details to my FlyGarmin account. See our privacy policy for more information. Create an account that can be used to access JeppDirect. Yes, my password is: NavData subscription services and Garmin navigation cards are sold separately.


Jeppesen New Skybound G2 USB Datawriter – for Garmin Avionics only

This will be displayed during the checkout process. N53KL skybbound, May 19, Is the catalog current? Discussion in ‘ Avionics and Upgrades ‘ started by jeremyk13May 19, Joe Farrell, yeah, him.

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