Many broadband Internet connections, such as cable modems and DSL modems, connect to your notebook’s Ethernet jack. Parallel and serial port devices are not plug-and-play. Highlight Set User Password, then press Enter and follow the instructions. Some viruses go undetected for a period of time because they are activated on a certain date. This LED only lights up when your notebook is connected to AC power or the battery charge is very low. Select print from the computer you are currently using and your file is automatically printed on your printer no matter where it is located on your network.

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For more information, see “Adjusting the volume in Windows XP” on page 92 or “Adjusting the volume in Windows ” on gateday Networking Your Gateway M Example peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet network Use a peer-to-peer also known as ad hoc wireless Ethernet network if you are setting up or joining a temporary computer-to-computer network.

Let the liquid drain, then let the keyboard dry before trying to use it again.

Using Multimedia 5 Click the Save Tracks icon. The following table compares the various wireless Ethernet network types. For more information about installing or using your printer, see the printer documentation. Important Your notebook must be on during scheduled tasks.

For more information, see “Protecting your notebook from viruses” on page Above them, you’ll find a responsive touchpad in the same 5: Plug a parallel device such as a printer into this port. TheEditTrackTag s dialog box opens. The power status box shows the current power source, the battery charge level, and the power management mode.


The modem will not work with digital or PBX telephone lines.

Gateway M675 Series

M usicM atch connects to the station and plays the audio. I am using the ethernet connection now BUT need to get the wireless ethernet running.

Press the power button to leave Standby mode. The Fax Console opens. Windows Basics Printing a document To print a gateeay, you must have a printer connected to netwoork notebook or have access to a network printer.

The Schedule screen opens. Take extra recordable media for transferring files between computers and backing up files. Power schemes groups of power settings let you change power saving options such as when the display or hard drive is automatically turned off.

You can continue to select files and click Add. Windows Basics 3 Click a file or program to open it.

neywork See “Configuring the audio jacks” on page 97 for more information. To select these programs, click Manual Installation. Your notebook or port replicator has one or more of the following ports: Using the Internet Using e-mail E-mail electronic mail lets you send messages to anyone who has an Internet connection and e-mail address.


[ubuntu] Wireless network on Gateway M

The Configuration Summary screen opens. Click the topics listed on the left-side of the page to learn more about the software already installed on your notebook as well as partnerships and special offers available through Gateway. Depending on the programs you are reinstalling, you may only need to restart your notebook to complete the installation. For more information, see “Viewing drives” on page 53 and “Searching for files” on page Transferring files You can manually transfer your personal data files by copying them to removable media, such as a diskette, writable CD or DVD, USB flash drive, or Zip disk, or by using a home network.

If you install a new device, you need to install the drivers provided by the device manufacturer. Select print from the computer you are currently using and your file is automatically printed on your printer no matter where it is located on your network. Press the left button twice in rapid folder.

The battery charge indicator netwogk on see “Status indicators” on page 27 for the location of the battery charge indicator.