Edited March 1, by Guest. I get 4 FPS on each camera when running 4 cameras. You can re-assign any of the above ports. If my network supplier blocks port 80, how can I go around to that? Furthermore I have found out that none of the surveillance programs when used with the bt card supports adjustment of color, hue, saturation, or brightness. Please find and delete the following files from your Hard Disk prior to installing the new hardware:

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Please make sure the GeoVision camera input ports are “activated” and “show” is checked on the GeoVision software. And nimrod i am very expeirenced with blueiris so let me know if ya need any help.

Is the Geovision (S) a “Windows only” card ? – SOLVED – ZoneMinder Forums

For example, if you want to use webcam, you have to open up ports 21, 80, Then from input drop down box I tried all inputs until I saw my picture. Some of the common ones used by GeoVision software are: Enter the Email associated with your account, then click Submit.

This verifies that your browser works OK. Please check FAQ question 1.

Geovision FAQ

When you look into the details geovisiln the audio and video drivers, you should get the attached: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The Geovision demo site is on all of our Geovision web pages, their office hours are 12 hours ahead of Eastern time, so, try it in the evenings. You may have to “autofind” your gateway IP address again to ensure things are OK.


You can get around to this by installing an Direct X version bg878.

Please make sure that the baud rate and camera geovksion is right. Posted February 28, Also will i be able to use this card with my own software? Already have an account? The best way is to double check with GeoVision’s demo server at www.

This web site will scan your IP ports and will advise which ones are opened.

If your GeoVision card is not one of the ones listed above, please call our sales line on 18 18 to exchange bbt878 GeoVision card for the latest hardware version. This patch is for geovision software version V7. I have not even tried, but did you guys have any problems when trying to use BTWinCap drivers under Win7? So i guess im just going to have to buy a 2nd card.

Simply unzip the file and follow the instructions in the readme. Some silliness about drivers I suppose Use the Geovision Toolbar How To: The main problem here is i can’t seem to get windows to see more than one input If there are no video source plugged to the card, then the system will send out a beeping warning sound.


Another thing about these cards – don’t expect 7. Under this environment, you can call your network supplier and ask them to open bf878 the ports as listed on FAQ After I had it that far setting it up in Blue Iris was fairly easy especially because it was a camera with a default setup.

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Look at my post and pictures here. They should be labeled 1 thru 4 but they are not. However, once you are able to view the video on any ports, they will act “normal” from there onwards.

Please check FAQ question 1. I installed second camera just as I explained above.