By ; import org. Hi Mukesh, How to handle windows in the case when initially only two are opened and on clicking some link in second window, third is opened. I have also published video on this which will give you the clear idea how this works. We can handle multiple windows in selenium webdriver using Switch To methods which will allow us to switch control from one window to another window. If you are having more than 2 windows then getAllwindowHandles and switch to each window and verify any property such window title or any text on window and it should be unique to wrt each window.

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Use different webdriver object, each object open one browser.

How To Handle Multiple Windows Using Selenium WebDriver

Ask New Question Sign In. When you execute the above code, it launches the site and on clicking the link “Click here,” it opens up a child window in a new tab. Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Webdriver. It will return you set of 3 window handles. How will you handle working with multiple windows in Selenium?

Handle Multiple Windows in Selenium Webdriver in Simple ways

Hi Mukesh, Could you please help me to resolve below scenario: So while Testing if we use Manual Testing then we can do the testing by operating all the windows separately. Mukesh Otwani October 28, at How do handle frame in WebDriver? Hi Vinod, Do sendKeys first, after this I hope cursor will remain inside input textbox.


Wedriver we have multiple windows in test automation, all we need to do is switching the focus from one window to another. TestNG is a Testing framework, that covers different types of test websriver like a unit test, Hi Ram, Role of collection i. Try to delete Customer ID by handling confirmation alert that displays on the screen, and thereby deleting customer id from the application. Authentication pop up is not an alert window. What are the prerequisites to run selenium WebDriver?

Still have a question? Same as 1st page this page has another link on clicking I am navigated to 3rd window.

9y. WebDriver – Handling multiple windows

Hand,e to the parent window. This method is used to get the window handles of all the open windows in a Set. Save reference for Window A Step 3: Testing workflows involving multiple windows has become a part of life. No alert is active Could you please suggest on this?


In selenium web driver there are methods through which we can handle multiple windows. Accessing Image Links Image links are the links in web pages represented by an image which when In this tutorial, you ln learn- What is Alert? Pushparaj R September 1, at First go through this link http: How do I remove errors in Selenium webdriver? Au contraire, when you wish to handle the current window you can make use of driver.

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Now, we will automate the given wihdow scenario selebium see how to handle multiple windows using Selenium Webdriver. We can handle multiple windows in selenium webdriver using Switch To methods which will allow us to switch control from one window to another window. TestNG enables you to run test methods, test classes and test cases in parallel inside your In Selenium, we have the feature that we can get the window name of the current window.