I am longer,straighter,with or without wind. Both feature a much deeper face likely to move the sweet spot a little higher. Yes, I want to get away from the draw hook and hit it straighter. Nice review you put in here. When I relaxed and slowed down, I boomed the ball, and was 30 yards short of the green on a yard Par 4 I chunked my chip of course, but the drive sure felt great! I agree with Art that best results come from smooth swings — high with nice roll and very long. Ripped it right down the middle about

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No matter how I miss it, the result is playable. But I have the XL Tour, which is a slightly smaller head. But with my graffaloy with a cobra head volume do not happen.

Cleveland Introduces Two New HiBore XL Drivers (Bag Drop, Hot Topics) – The Sand Trap

The weight and length of the XL Pro forced me to ease up a bit as I allowed the clubhead to catch up. The normal shot is a fade and if I really try, a straight shot. Probably gold shaft Cleveland HiBore Driver zl The red shaft will do this for you, hhibore the launch angle by arriving at the ball with less tip deflection due to firmer tip and higher kickpoint. Although my previous driver was a I have a tendency to draw hook the ball and my ball flight tends to be low.


The original Hi-Bore has an NV shaft also stiff and 9.

The most impressive past is the extra roll I get. All in all its a great club.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Is their much difference in hitting the Im smashing it around yards, somethin i couldnt do with my old driver nike sq! Sorry, but no international sales, only in states. Absolutely loved the feel and sound of the impact.

The super sexy gunmetal finish gives the head a classy look, and boy does it pack a punch. I am a simple-minded golfer with a 5.

Ball is arrow straight, with a slight fade. Most of my drives were hhibore over had one land on the green that was and another just shy of yds.

Cleveland Introduces Two New HiBore XL Drivers

The information you gain from just one time on one of those things is invaluable. The Tour model has a shallower body hobore allow for more workability. I have seem to have lost some distance. This club is fantastic. I feel that any good swinger of the golf club should give the tour head xl a whirl.


Do you think the 8. PS Take some ear plugs, you won’t have to shout four, people will hear it coming!!!!

The Cleveland Hibore XL is an awsome club. Was the Cleveland the hibors Club is in very good condition. The Tour version is only available in three lofts 8.

Although you can find them both right now at our friends at Edwin Watts here and here and who say they should be in stock by January Now going to try the hibore woods to replace my fairway woods….

What has really thrown me off lately is that the face is offset 2 degrees, and I have really started to notice it when I set up over the ball.