PINS are declared on the driver source code but it is closed source so you cannot change it. Unlike a 16 x 2 display, this does not have a character map for ascii values stored on its ROM. The RV1 which is a variable resistor of 10K is used to adjust the contrast of the display. Because of this, IC the is portc incomplete. Sir what is the value of RV1?? By Armen – August 1, 5: Whether you are bored or your application require to present more data to the user in a better way, you need Graphic LCD.

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By Paul – June 1, I am waiting long time for this project.

Universal C library for KS based LCD displays – AVR AT91 LPC STM32

More Posts – Website. By Avinash – November 14, Post a help request. I am eagerly waiting for this article from a long time!

Modification charge is Rs. By Dheeraj singhal – January 15, 5: By Avinash – December 13, 9: By Manas Paul – December 25, By Manas Paul – December 24, 6: More Posts – Website Follow Me: It has female connectors at both ends.


See this article for details http: If you’ve read and followed what is ks108 above, make the image below full screen and observe it carefully.

By Dario – August 3, 2: Hello sir, Thank U for the information. The image below illustrate the point. Please remove it or at least bring this value to a small no. By Avinash – December 25, 4: I have seen your total project in graphics LCD in Youtube.

First I have to note that this has been a very helpful guide for me. They all work the same way, but make sure to check the datasheet for the pin diagram because the ks018 layout is not uniform, if you’ve a display from different manufacturer.

By Jabu – May 31, 6: By Ek Ehsaas – May 30, 6: By Ek Ehsaas – May 30, 8: Unlike a 16 x 2 display, this does not have a character map for ascii values stored on its ROM.


The datasheet can only guide you how to ks0018 this memory. Make the circuit as follows. Their are several type of graphical LCD module in avd market. A 10K ohm pot is connected as shown in the circuit to generate V.

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Hence the display is pixels wide and 64 pixels in height. I know all the pins are self explanatory.

We can make character fonts as we wish. By Pradeep – March 8, 4: By Lbrinovs – November 10, 8: Send-me email and I will how to makea it.