This is definitely NOT the case with the s. They are all marked as Enabled. Look for a discount coupon and buy with confidence. Is the port there, but the hardware inside is missing? There are many options on the market. I would call Lenovo and tell them to send the tech back. Don’t be so surprised.

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At nits, the screen is really bright indoors on level fifteen. Battery does not uninstall.

Is the port there, but the hardware inside is missing? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo! I would call Lenovo and tell them to send the tech back.

Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Message 2 of There is a added benefit using it – you can use stereo microphone, which won’t work if you plug directly in, it won’t sense it and cut off speaker instead.

Firewire Port – ThinkWiki

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He called in to Lenovo, and they said bummer, I’d have to send it in to get that fixed. Currently, the list has 83 ThinkPad Not exactly sure why, there is a 5KHz artifact and it got noisier above that, you can see in the spectral view.


Lenovo ThinkPad T410s Optimus – mini review

People have complained about it on forums, youtube on flex already. I take pictures of each machine I manage to get my paws on. If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an “Accepted Solution”! I am setting up a couple of Ts with the m, and for the life of me I cannot find a driver that will work!

You can use bare drive, it is not blacklisted in BIOS. When you are done, it should look like this SM bus service is missing, haven’t got that fix yet.

You can have it for shipping cost However, according to the device manager, the card reader has a Microsoft driver, not Ricoh. Again great review and Thanks! The solution – heck HP’s version of the driver so it will install on the Lenovo, and it works.

Since she never plugs any external monitors and never plays any games, but uses the machine for office tasks related to her small business, I decided not order the version with the Optimus Video Card but the one with the integrated Intel HD Graphics only. Thanks for the pics as well. There’s nothing I can do here? Then of course you have eSATA via the port on the back of the machine.


I just looked and there is someone selling one on eBay and I think it is the part next to the fan bracket in their picture. Message 1 of 2.

The Ts I have is really going to be her next machine and I got a good iee on it. For ThinkPad users, there are no surprises here. So, does anyone know where I can get that little part?

I would rate the screen on the Ts as fair. If I run the machine on Optimus with power conservation settings and a low LCD screen brightness, I can get another hour lenofo life. These are what you need for hardware drivers so there would not be any yellow!

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