It rolls, it bursts, it’s slippery. However, I guess if I had the same fine voice as Celine or Lara, there would have been no problem. What latency you get? Analog monitoring is also: For 7 years I have several cards with digital sounds, I never saw that! And this is where the beauty of the architecture of this card extremely simple: But this only happened with about 3 different microphones but besides that it worked great.

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I did manage to make high quality recordings in 4 simultaneous tracks playing on the latency. I also catch synth an old Yamaha sampler for all plastic and I was surprised by the high quality of care. Remains as to the seriousness of the mark, although it has also acquired through the material in its software. And hopes to publish my opinion quickly. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

So with style pointsthis one takes the cake.

No way so far March to have stable drivers under Vista bit. I have not really seen many interfaces that have this type of look to them and can still hold up on everything they say it can do.


I did a few takes micro with: Cookies help us y42s performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. For 7 years I have several cards with digital sounds, I never saw that!

The manual is clear and sufficient? They are often updated? Sound card with four microphone inputs, phantom power.

With which instruments or systems console, preamp, DTD But this only happened with about 3 different microphones but besides that it worked great. I have used several interface that are similar in specs.

But these i-noix unfulfilled permanently prevent any serious use. And all this is so analog, that can be used as a mixer while the computer is off. Simple, understated and efficient. I love this software! I wanted something simple that does not mess with ten thousand menus, sub-pages of mixes of inputs, routing, internal effects and other things that pollute the signal path.

The Lexicon I Onix U42S is a audio interface that you can get online used for around dollars like I did about 6 months after it first came out.

The unit has a very unique and futuristic type of design. The brand, the configuration For what purpose? The digital part is reduced to a bare minimum, no DSP in the monitoring, not digital levels while the signal is full scale continuousetc. I bought it mainly for good converters output.


Even if it runs better on PC or Mac for now My favorite version 4 entries to those with 2 inputs because for a small price difference, I had many more features: I also wanted something new, for converters design and capacity recently. We have moved on many times since using it, but I will never forget it. Excellent Standard mode latency ms? I have the same vocal strength that Carla and Charlotte, although I am a man – a real ledicon, and I found the input gain a little limited. I do not give overall opinion can not yet judge.

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Log in Become a member. Part converters and USB is completely independent of the analog operation of the card. I also had the opportunity to test the south entrance, there either are no problems.