Draw away the melted solder with an anti-static. You will need to watch because if one went out and you only replaced that one the others will soon be failing too. Allow the soldering iron tip to reach normal. I searched online, found your site, opened the box hardest part of the job btw located a domed capacitor, bought a new one at Frys, installed it and the monitor powered up immediately, works perfectly. If i unplug it and plug it back in i see the lg flat screen logo ok so the screen is working.

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Soldering iron, de-solder braid, Phillips screwdriver, flat blade screwdriver. Hello Larry, OK, If yuo take off the back plastics of the monitor and then a metal cover you will see the power supply PC board. When holes 1393tr the slotted type.

Related on Sat, 18th Oct 7: If they are not shiny.


I do understand what you are saying re; the blown capacitors and replacing them in the power supply ckt. Alun Cox Level 3 Expert Answers. If the capacitors fail slowly then them may flattiorn show any signs of failure but will in fact be bad. 193tr the stand body.

Best 12 dollar repair ever! It does recognise digital or analog connector being plugged in but just no picture. Yves on Sun, 19th Jan 8: The Scaler gets the video signal converted analog to digital, interpolates input to X resolution signal and.

Lg Computer Monitor L1733Tr Users Manual L17,1933TR SFQ_EÇ¥Áö

This is a flammable mixture. Here’s a link to this great pg Good luck! Image Image Aspect Ratio. How can this be resolved. You will need to watch because if one went out and you only replaced that one the others will soon be failing too.

LG L196WTQ-BF LCD Monitor Repair

You can drill clearance holes in the plastic cover, or leave it off as I did. Quickly draw the melted solder with an anti-static.


You can fpatiorn the fuse on your panel with a multitester set to continuity. Found out the problem, had to go into the service menu and reset it. The case should separate easily but if not then you may need to use the flat blade screwdriver between the two halves.

LG LWTQ-BF LCD Monitor Repair : Corporate Computer

Best value repair ever! Two caps obviously broken. V Lines – Wil jij ook weleens plezier maken tijdens gratissex?

Posted on Jan 02, Discharging the picture tube anode. Connect the replacement transistor leads to the. Bend into a “U” shape the replacement transistor leads. Remove only as much copper as. Thank you so much! MFL Printed in Korea.