If switch does not make when fan is operating, verify the tuning between fan housing and switch is connected and is not kinked. Where are the thermistors located? That model looks to be a commercial boiler and not a pool heater we are referring to in the article. Power ON and watch for spark at module. There did not appear to be any build up in the heat exchanger tubes.

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Everything on the automation end seems to be working. Control Remains locked out until flame is not present. So it turns out that now when I start it with everything m66a normal, the heater fires without issue. Anyway, yesterday we went to fire the heater after using it several times in the past week and now have the TA6 Tab alarm.

VNT code means the vent switch is open.

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After replacement new switch must be adjusted precisely. If no spark at ignition module, turn power off and replace the PC board.

If code reappears, replace board as the main processor failed to start. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Asrock M266A Drivers

Poolside Chat Episode FFL Indicates a false flame signal. Is this safe to keep running this way? Have you checked if power is reaching the heater? I have a Raypac model led reading LPheater was working fine had tech by to check my pool temp sensor going to my pentair touch unit he told my wife sensor was fine even though it was reading degrees in the pool that was actually SNS Temperature sensor is out of acceptable range.


Lisa, Charlie covers that in the last portion, it is likely a m266w temperature sensor; the sensor is reading it is out of an acceptable range for the heater to operate.

Thank you for your quick reply Matthew. Turn off power at toggle switch and source, then re-establish power. Raypak model Rti-e flash with FL3. Not at first, but 30 seconds after ignition.

Hello, I have a HL1 code, it keeps blinling service, what do I do? Thanks for any help. Any ideas for me?

Just a follow up. I suggest you call Raypak to see if it something you can tackle safely under their supervision. But those codes could also be a byproduct of the temperature.

ASRock MA VIA AC’97 audio driver – a – Win 98, Win ME, Win , Win XP

Yes, but only if the tube bundle is the issue, to begin with. I believe this means there is an issue with the Vent switch but not sure how serious this is? The heater does cool down and produce hot water again but then the HL2 code returns after a m66a again.


First of all, is the heater connected to a remote controller? The TAb code with a LowNox unit means you have to replace the main board. I have done all you suggest and it will not clear the issue.

ASRock M266A VIA AC’97 audio driver

I have a rollout switch open code on my heater model number cra-en-c I understand this is a flame issue and am wondering if there is a possible reset I can do to see if the message goes away. I took apart all of the jandy valves and they are all clear from obstructions.

If so or if soound, how can i fix it, or do i need professional help? Thanks for the reply, totally understand the late response during Holidays, Happy New Year!