Certainly, thank you very much for your help. You can check the emails here: Waiting for your reply. I am sorry for asking so many times but, are you totally sure that the usb to serial drivers are not necesary? Hi, What do You mean by it is a clone? From my point of view, it looks like the BDM sw tries to open a port and does not find it. Can you please let me know a car model that has a Bosch ecu i can test with BDM?

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Item on ebay, licenses second request Dear Bodgan, I have still not received any mail from you for more than a week. My friend,dont buy it for euro,it exist for only euro in poland SI56 We declare that we are taxpayers.

OBDII Cable Drivers Download

The CAN bus lead aswell, seems not to work, because when i plug it to the computer, only the serial converter is detected, and the software will not allow me to do any operations. Could you maybee send me your version.


But now i use magpro2 can do all ecu s. I can tell sure tomorrow. Waiting for your reply.

MagPro2 seems an expensive clone!!! Works like a charm. For sure it mal3d Viaken. I did not understand very well what you need sorry but I speak very bad Englishif you want the software unfortunately do not have one, just wanted to know if it worked to buy software and interface Item on ebay, licenses Date: This would normally not work,me did this car by galetto K-line.

CMD Flash OBD Master + CMDBoot + Map3D : For sale |

Return to For sale. Map3d is very good for everyday tuner work. Hi, What do You mean by it is a clone? So far I found only figures that exceed the ? Please spend 5 minutes on reading this and previous emails sent by me.

To each type of computer is online help available. Me to i have this cmd flasher but winlicens protect. I will check smps mpps clone ,maybee this works.

How to work FGTech Galletto V54 with BDM100 V1255 for ECU tuning?

Item on ebay, licenses second request From: Think cant do it. With the plugin “VAG counter”, obdd2 counter can be set to any value usually 0.


So without VAT price is: Would you please be so kind of letting me know what should i do to get the bad interfaces replaced? From my point of view, it looks like the BDM sw tries to open a port and does not find it.

We had email server crash few days ago, please, send us again your message. You are a lucky guy you got what you obs2 for from Magic Motorsport!

I think about galetto or CMD clone i dont have much to tell. Viaken – elektronika dla motoryzacji http: Monday, August 18, 1: Such an opportunity is not often, so feel free map3v buy. I’m sorry that I can not be helpful: I will be waiting for your reply.