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Thu Feb 18, 9: You cannot post new topics in asko forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Just saw a used one for a good price, but the drivers do not smell very fresh.

I’ve tried using the standalone drivers, but none have worked. I’ve tried a few. MBox 2 pro anyone? I was just wondering if I could use my mbox 2 with ableton without having to keep pro tools installed on my cpu or having to install it at all.

Essentials Only Full Version. CadErik Max Output Level: I had problems but asio4all solved those for me.


Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Sun Nov 19, 1: Page 1 of 1.

Standalone Digidesign Windows Audio Drivers

View More Photo Galleries. Thu Feb 18, 6: You can use it – it might not perform quite as well with Live as with PT but you should be able to do something with it. Is the ASIO driver ok?

East of Santa Monica Status: Forums Posts Latest Posts. Will look more into the converters – I am not desperate right now.

Tue Feb 16, 6: Fri Feb 19, Thu Feb 18, mblx I use one, its fine – never ran protools the mbox2 was at my buddies house just laying around so easy install and sync with ableton tom. Best to install Pro Tools and slect the driver in Ableton.

MBox 2 pro anyone?

That seems a lro strange, but that would be cool. Anyone using it with Sonar? Fri Apr 13, 6: Wed May 30, 3: We’re not talking a subtle difference here.


Tue Feb 16, 7: Anyone know what drivers I need to install to get ableton to recognize it?

Ableton Forum • View topic – Using mbox 2 with ableton

My Win10 rig only has USB3. It will not work with USB3 and I am not sure how well it cooperates with Win10 allegedly it is compatible but without specific drivers. When i just try to plug and play it says i have a corrupt mboxx driver and it crashes ableton when i try and select the mbox in the audio preferences.