Results 1 to 25 of Centrino represented a major breakthrough for the mobile market, but the moment it was released our attention focused specifically on the potential of the Pentium M. Here you can see the connections for the various attachements such as additional Firewire and USB 2. The N4L-VM DH motherboard is further incorporated with Intel L Gb Ethernet for instant and fast internet connection, permitting access to a wealth of exciting digital contents worldwide. Merom CPU is still under development stage, rest assured that we will do our best to test and verify its compatibility on our motherboard once this is made formally available. All times are GMT

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Last edited by mine; at Beginners Guides Cases and Access. The heatsink for the north bridge is pretty small and passive, so it won’t introduce any additional noise into the system.

Asus N4L-VM DH – Core Duo for the Desktop Preview

The board looks much like any other micro-ATX board you might find for sale online. A badge on the box gives away the main pull: Latest News Latest Videos. Hi hicookie and mine! And while the Pentium M saw support from a smattering of motherboards, we’re far more hopeful for the future of this platform based on its predecessor, the Core Duo.

ViiV a-la ASUS, Core Duo N4L-VM DH Motherboard

You’ll need to install Windows Media Center to use the second entry, which checks your machine dn indeed a Viiv system – affording access to certain Viiv-specific content when Viiv 1.


There are two memory slots on the board, one for each of the supported dual channels. The performance is insane for that speed, though I was expecting that. It was great for laptops, but as processor fans were getting louder, the fantasy of a near silent yet powerful processor had us clambering to get this chip into our desktops.

Originally Posted by kiwi. Against 1x UDMA Intel’s GMA graphics subsystem isn’t a gaming powerhouse, lacking the raw grunt to really push polygons around at speed. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

ViiV a-la ASUS, Core Duo N4L-VM DH Motherboard

This motherboard from Asus isn’t the most feature-rich offering but the attention grabbing inclusions make for a compelling whole.

Unfortunately, Asus board is too crappy to overclock.

If you can afford both components though, this holds the promise of the perfect machine Low operating temperatures combined with strong performance make this a great processor whether you’re looking to build a near-silent media centre, powerful gaming machine or video editing workstation.

November 11, The north bridge chipset seen here with the heatsink removed is the Intel GM that is representative of the top-end for Intel’s mobile processors.

The N4L-VM DH motherboard is further incorporated with Intel L Gb Ethernet for instant and fast internet connection, permitting access to a wealth of exciting digital contents worldwide.


That’s a great news! Users with multiple IDE devies may need to consolidate for this board. N4l-v, has more oc options. That isn’t a very efficient combination and I would recommend removing both and just using some quality thermal grease or paste. In Hope to hear from you, have a nice day. The network connection is provided by the Intel L Gigabit LAN controller so you can be sure that the board has the fastest possible conneciton to your home n4lvm business network.

Asus N4L-VM DH | TechRadar

The company is the perennial leader of the motherboard and graphics card industries and a top 4 maker globally for notebooks. The DIMM slots are spaced well apart from each other so memory heatspreaders won’t be an issue at all. Originally Posted by C Stat B. This north bridge supports the DDR memory we mentioned above, as well as the integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator core.

There is only a single IDE channel, supporting two devices along with a standard floppy channel as well.

Originally Posted by hicookie. All times are GMT